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The Lebanese Rocket Society

By Khalil Joreige, Joana Hadjithomas

Country: France, Lebanon, Qatar

Languages: French, Arabic, English

Casting: Manoug Manougian, John Markarian, Youssef Wehbé, Harry Koundakjian, Joseph Sfeir, Hampar Karagezian, Paul Haidostian, Assad Jradi, Zafer Azar, SE le Ministre Ziad Baroud, SE Le ministre Tarek Mitri, Fouad Matta, Hala Haddad, Joseph Hanna, Joana Hadjithomas, Khalil Joreige, Jana Wehbe

Production year: 2012

Runtime: 01h33

Production company: Mille et Une Productions, Abbout Productions (Georges Schoucair)

In the early 60’s, during the cold war and the apex of Pan Arabism, a group of utopian students and researchers enters the race to space and create the Lebanese Rocket Society. Sometimes, and specially nowadays, dreams can overtake a tormented history…

San Sebastian Festival 2011 – Cinema in Motion

Toronto IFF 2012 – Wavelengths


Seville European FF 2012

Doha IFF 2012 – Best Documentary Award

Cineteca FF – Spain

Cinéma du Réel FF 2013 – France

« A rich, complete movie, which also has the elegance to unfold with humor and lightness. » - Chronic'art

« Rejoicing. The Hadjithomas-Joreige couple is undoubtedly the most inventive and adventurous couple in Lebanese cinema. » - L'Humanité

« Manoug Manougian had stored his childhood memories in boxes. Photographs, films, press clippings that testified to his incredible odyssey: trying to launch a rocket into space from Lebanon. » - Le Monde

« The Lebanese Rocket Society: A dream told by two filmmaking artists in a resolutely committed documentary with precious archival footage... this feature film sheds an interesting light on this extravagant story... » - Le Figaro Magazine

« A story completely hidden in Lebanon and that the filmmakers reactivate with humor to show the capacity of a country to dream. » - France Info

« This ingenious investigative work is the pretext to show a rich, inventive country, endowed with an immeasurable sense of derision. » - Elle

« This amazing documentary gives credit to a country's crazy dream. » - Grazia