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By Felipe Hirsch, Daniela Thomas

Country: Brazil

Language: Portuguese

Casting: Paulo José, Antonio Medeiros, Simone Spoladore, Leonardo Medeiros, André Frateschi, Maria Luisa Mendonça, Leandra Leal, Jorge Emil, Daniela Piepszyk, Emilio di Biasi

Production year: 2009

Runtime: 01h38

Production company: Dezenove

Sunstroke tells stories of unrequited love. “Love and Loss. Loss, mostly”, says a character. In an empty city, scorched by the sun, the young and old confuse the fever of sunstroke with the delicate birth of passion. Like ghosts, they hover through buildings and endless flatland in search of the ever ellusive love. Based loosely on 19th century Russian short stories, the plots weave and unravel together in the improbable city of Brasilia – a distorted mirror-image of the soviet utopia – located in the heart of the Brazilian desert. Paulo Jose, the actor whose life is intertwined with the history of Brazilian cinema, plays Andrei, the nostalgic witness of these stories.

Venice 2009 – Orizzonti

Tallin 2009

Göteborg 2010