Short Memories

By Eduardo de Gregorio 1979 Drama 01h50

Paris, 1978. Judith Mesnil, a UNESCO translator, is in charge of collecting documents about writer Marcel Jaucourt, who died in a car crash just after a trip to South America. Judith soon plunges into a real enquiry and discovers that the deceased was investigating a passport traffic involving Nazis escaping to South America and returning to Europe with a false identity. She encounters by Frank Barila, an ambiguous character who will help her carry out her investigation…

Cannes 1979

Director: Eduardo de Gregorio

Casting: Nathalie Baye, Philippe Léotard, Bulle Ogier, Jacques Rivette

Production company: Orion Promotion, Paradise Films

Country: France

Production year: 1979

Language: French

Runtime: 01h50

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