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La Civil

By Teodora Ana Mihai 2021 Drama 135 min

Cielo’s teenage daughter, Laura, is kidnapped in Northern Mexico. Despite paying several ransoms, Laura is not returned. When the authorities offer no support in the search, Cielo takes matters into her own hands. She finds help from Lamarque, a military man with unconventional modus operandi, who agrees to assist her in her search – off the record – in exchange for information which she can provide as a local. Cielo’s collaboration with Lamarque will pull her into the spiral of violence that made her a victim in the first place.

Cannes IFF 2021 – Un Certain Regard

Original title: La Civil

Director: Teodora Ana Mihai

Casting: Arcelia Ramírez, Alvaro Guerrero, Jorge A. Jimenez

Production company: Menuetto Film, One For The Road, Les Films du Fleuve, Mobra Films, Teorema

Country: Belgium, Romania, Mexico

Production year: 2021

Language: Spanish (Mexican)

Runtime: 135 min

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