In production

Fox & Hare save the forest

By Mascha Halberstad 2024 Adventure Animation 70

Fox and Hare live a happy life, surrounded by a joyful bunch who’s become like family. One day, they find that Owl has gone missing. Together with their friends, they search the forest to find him, but instead discover a big lake that wasn’t there before. Could this have anything to do with their friend’s disappearance? They must go and find Owl, who is somewhere out there in the rapidly-rising water… This is the start of an exciting and fun adventure.

Original title: Fox & Hare save the forest

Director: Mascha Halberstad

Production company: Submarine (Where is Anne Frank?), Doghouse (Pachamama), Walking the dog (Richard the Stork)

Country: The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Belgium

Production year: 2024

Languages: English, German, French, Dutch

Runtime: 70