Eastern Drift

By Sharunas Bartas 2010 Drama Thriller 01h51

Gena does business with the Russian mafia. When he decides to leave Lithuania and go West with his girlfriend, he takes a last trip to Moscow to collect his money back. While in Moscow, he ties up strongly with Sasha, a long-time mistress and a beautiful high class prostitute. Together, they embark upon a manhunt after Gena shoots dead a Russian godfather and a cop…

Berlin 2010 – Forum

Copenhagen 2010 – CPH PIX

Director: Sharunas Bartas

Casting: Sharunas Bartas, Elisa Sednaoui, Erwan Ribard, Klavdia Korshunova

Production company: Lazennec, Studio Kinema

Country: France, Lithuania, Russia

Production year: 2010

Languages: French, Lithuanian, Russian, Polish

Runtime: 01h51

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