New film

Pink Moon

By Floor van der Meulen

« It is above all the accuracy of tone (and the quality of the performers) that the director has found that gives the film all its seductive energy beyond the extreme gravity of its subject » - CINEUROPA

« Director Floor van der Meulen, with screenwriter Bastiaan Kroeger, delicately balances drama with pitch dark comedy (...) A fantastic Julia Akkermans » - HUFFINGTON POST

New film


By José Miguel Ribeiro

« Bold and thrilling storytelling which combines its forceful message about the legacy of living through war with an almost mythic quality » - SCREENDAILY

New film

Red Jungle

By Juan José Lozano, Zoltán Horváth

« An antihero reinvented.Thrilling » - TELERAMA

« A fascinating story that immerses the viewer in the jungle and the intimacy of this Colombian Colonel Kurtz » - LE JOURNAL DU DIMANCHE


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