by Alexandre Rockwell

with Lana Rockwell, Nico Rockwell, Will Patton, Karyn Parsons, Jabari Watkins

In New Bedford Massachusetts, a dysfunctional family portrayed in all shades of black-and-white, lead forgotten lives. One eventful summer, in an act of liberation, the kids Billie and Nico set off on their own adventure into the fantastic and poetic world of childhood, unseen by the adults around them.


by Sandra Kogut

with Regina Casé, Rogério Fróes, Otavio Müller

Every Christmas, with the help of their employees, Edgar and Marta host a lavish family celebration at their summer house. In the course of three years, their lives are going to turn upside down. What happens to the invisible people living in the orbit of the rich and powerful when everything collapses? Through their gaze, we witness the gradual disintegration of Brazil on the eve of 2018.


by Jeff Tudor, Steven de Beul, Ben Tesseur

with Michaela DePrince, Daniel Camargo

A modern tale for young and old, told through a unique combination of 2D animation and live action classical ballet.


by Nathalie Biancheri

with Cosmo Jarvis, Lauren Coe

A father in his thirties befriends his estranged teenage daughter. Out of cowardice and the fear of being rejected, he does not reveal his identity to her. The pair embark on a boozefueled, destructive friendship of nocturnal meetings and reckless behaviour. As she becomes infatuated with him, he finds himself playing with fire at the risk of ruining everything…


by Martin Laroche

with Léane LABRÈCHE-DOR, Alexandre LANDRY, Micheline LANCTÔT, Sylvie DRAPEAU, Jean-Sébastien COURCHESNE, Normand DAOUST

Mixing realism and unsettling bizarreness, Laughter explores the survivor’s syndrome, the grieving process, the distance of time, the power of love, and the joy of being alive.


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