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Save Me

By Robert Cary

Country: USA

Language: English

Casting: Chad Allen, Robert Gant, Judith Light

Production year: 2008

Runtime: 01h36

Production company: Garbus Kroupa Entertainment LTD

Save Me is a love story about Mark, a sex and drug addicted young man who after an accidental overdose finds he’s been checked into a Christian retreat for ‘Ex-Gays’. Gayle, the director of the ministry run together with her husband Ted, believes she can help cure young men of their ‘gay affliction’ through spiritual guidance. At first, Mark resists, but soon takes the message to heart. As Mark’s fellowship with his fellow Ex-Gays grow stronger, however, he finds himself powerfully drawn to Scott, another young man battling family demons of his own. As their friendship begins to develop into romance, Mark and Scott are forced to confront the new attitudes they’ve begun to accept, and Gayle finds the values she holds as an absolute truth to be threatened. A complex and deeply sympathetic look into both sides of one of the most polarizing religious and sexual debates in America.

Sundance 2007