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Pink Moon

By Floor van der Meulen 2022 Comedy Drama

When completely out of the blue Iris (29) is told by her father Jan (74) that he has had enough of life and wants to die, she is forced to face the total absurdity of the situation. As his unsettling deadline approaches, Iris decides to ignore her brother’s watertight action plan. She strong-arms her father into answering the one question that matters to her: why? Without ever getting a satisfactory answer, she eventually tries to find herself a way to deal with her father’s very last wish.

Tribeca IFF 2022 – International Narrative Competition

Original title: Pink Moon

Director: Floor van der Meulen

Casting: Julia Akkermans, Johan Leysen (A Hidden Life)

Production company: Kepler Film, Nefertiti Film, Tramal Films

Country: Netherlands, Slovenia

Production year: 2022