Medea Miracle

By Tonino De Bernardi 2007 Drama 01h23

Medea, heroine of Greek mythology, lives among us today in the form of Irene. Dragging home a different man every night, Irene is looking for love in a world of strangers. She is accused of being a bad mother and she risks losing custody of her children. In a moment of madness, Irene contemplates killing her children. Only a miracle can save her. She leaves Paris for the countryside in search of new meaning to her life.

Venice 2007 – Orizzonti

Rotterdam 2008

Director: Tonino De Bernardi

Casting: Isabelle Huppert, Tommaso Ragno, Maria de Medeiros, Giulietta De Bernardi

Production company: Les Films du Camélia, Stella Films, Lontane Province Film

Country: France, Italy

Production year: 2007

Language: French

Runtime: 01h23

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