I am a Standard Supporter

By Riton Liebman 2013 Comedy 01h30

Milou is a football addict. His life is dedicated to his local team: Le Standard de Liège. Milou has no limit when it comes to his football club. But, when he meets Martine, he will soon find good reasons to start his football therapy…

Französische Filmtage Tübingen 2013

Director: Riton Liebman

Casting: Riton Liebman, Léa Drucker, David Murgia, Guy Staumont, Samir Guesmi, Jackie Berroyer, Michèle Moretti, Fabio Zeoni, Laurence Bibot, Helena Noguerra, Philippe Résimont, Nicolas Buysse, Charlie Dupont

Production company: 1.85 Films, La Parti Production, Chic Films

Country: France, Belgium

Production year: 2013

Language: French

Runtime: 01h30

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