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Do You Love Me?

By Tonia Noyabrova 2023 90 minutes

Ukraine, 1990. One year before the Soviet Union collapses. Kira, 17 years old, is stepping out of her adolescence into adult life at the very same moment as Ukraine steps out of Soviet slavery into the unknown. Together they will try all kinds of things for the first time – funny, dangerous, rebellious – as every teenager does.

Berlinale 2022 – Panorama Section

Odessa IFF – National Sélection

Palìc Europan FF – Paralells & Encounters.

Aegan FF – Feature Fiction Audience Award

Original title: Do You Love Me?

Director: Tonia Noyabrova

Casting: Karyna Khymchuk, Maksym Myhayilychenko , Natalia Lazebnikova , Oleksandr Zhyla, Daria Palagnyuk

Production company: Family Productions

Country: Ukraine

Production year: 2023

Language: Ukrainian

Runtime: 90 minutes

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